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Why you should visit Azerbaijan?

Why you should visit Azerbaijan?


Gabala is one of the beautiful corners of Azerbaijan's rich and ancient history. Once upon a time this city was the capital of Caucasian Albania for 600 years. Remains of the ancient city and the main gates of Caucasus Albania have been kept up to date. There are many historical and cultural monuments in the region. Gabaland, located in the 16th-acre area and the largest amusement park in the open air of Azerbaijan, is located in Gabala. The city also hosts the International Music Festival of Classical Music, Jazz and Mugham, which is held every year and is attended by orchestras and performers from different countries around the world. It is no coincidence that the famous piano production factory under the famous Beltman Dutch label is operating in Gabala. The Russian forest, the river valleys, the local beauties of the famous Chestnut forest, the picturesque Vandam, Gemuvan, Yengica villages, and even Laza, a high mountain village, can be reached by tourists at the Caucasian Hotel recently.


Goygol, one of the most picturesque regions of the country, is located in the west of Azerbaijan. Goygol State Reserve is located on the coast of famous Goygol region. In this region, climate is mostly cold and winter is usually dry. The average annual temperature varies from 4 to 10 degrees. The main sight of the Goygol region was created in 1925, by the way, it is the first identical reserve in Azerbaijan. Its total area is 7,131 hectares. The main purpose of creation of reserve was preservation of these places, restoration of mountain-forest, mountain-meadow and mountain-lake nature complex in some areas. The whole territory of the Goygol Reserve is beautiful, but in reality, it is divided into very deep streams, where small rivers flow. There are many beautiful lakes in the Reservoir, where the number is close to them (Maralgol, Garagol, Zelligol, Aggol, Shamilgol and others) and the most famous of them is Goygöl, which was the result of the earthquake in 1139.


The village is located at an altitude of 2300 m above sea level on a cone-shaped mountain peak. It is said that this territory is related to Noah. According to the legend, Noah, seeing this tall and flat land, dropped anchor and gave everyone instructions to leave the ship. Residents of the Khinalig are one of the Albanian tribes and speak a completely different language. Khinalig village is known not only for its ancient traditions, but also to see the snowman here. If you come to this village, you can talk to hunter Babaeli Babaaliyev personally who saw him with his own eyes. 


Located in a high mountainous area, Lahij Village, Ismayilli District of Azerbaijan, is an original monument of ancient urbanization and architecture. With its magnificent streets and squares, this medieval city is one of the most popular crafts and shopping centers in the Caucasus and beyond. It is believed that the legendary Manomax hood that the Russian tzars have been wearing has been prepared here. Lahij is especially famous for the production of cold arms and copper vessels decorated with carving ornaments. Up to now, masters who continue their artistic work in dozens of shops have been preparing various things in front of tourists. Today, Lahij is a historic-architectural monument protected by the state, and the outward appearance was preserved.